Through artist collaborations, Desmond has enjoyed having his poems or fiction become ekphrastic inspirations for fellow artists. The resulting reinterpretations have been striking, simply stellar. These priceless artefacts have ranged in medium, ending up as art prints, plush toys, soft sculptures, even exclusive merchandise. Some of these rare collectible curios are featured here, including: Doinky Doodles’ Martian Stuffed Fish (by Weng Pixin, based on “The Martian Martian Poet and Green Groupie”), Synaesthesia Exhibition’s The Boustrophedon’s Outfield (by Joe Chung, based on the same-titled poem), Kikeimono’s Pinoki Fren (by Gradys Phan, based on “Meeting Old Friends”), Roomism’s Da Ren Kelu (by Nana Pong, based on “A Koan Catalogue”), SingPoWriMo 2018’s Complete Infinity Stones Tote Bag (by Daryl Qilin Yam, based on the found//fount sonnet), and Pandemic Time’s Psalmist Prayer: Sonnet for the Hour (5pm) (by Wong Weng Yew, based on the same-titled poem).


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