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“Reading Poetry in St Lazarus Church, Yangon”

Porch Litmag

“gertrude stein's rose motif”

Muse-Pie Press Fib Review

“Anchorite Cell II”


“Great Hall of Meaning”

[Poem in e-anthology and public installation]
Not Only Lines: Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of NUS Centre of the Arts, 2023

“Morning Recollections”


“The One Happy Thing”


“The Year Ash Wednesday Fell on Saint Valentine’s Day”

Poems for Ephesians

“Five Prose Poems”


“Scholem in Forty Winged Hours”

“Button Under the Couch at 20 Maresfield Gardens”

Smartish Pace

“Seven Poems”

Notre Dame Review Online Companion

“Reading Rimbaud at Tunstall”

The Winter Anthology


The Animated Reader:

Poetry in the Surround Audience

“Excerpts From Gigi’s Graphologist”

Esquire Singapore

“Seated Between Kensho and Numinosity”

“Forty-Two Poems I Want To Write”

No News: 90 Poets Reflect

on Unique BBC Newscast

“The Great Arrival”

Adamah Media

“The Martian Martian Poet and Green Groupie”


“Hsuan Tsang Before the Taklamakan Desert”

Mascara Literary Review

“Hagiography by the Jordan”

Literary Bohemian

“Scholem in One Uneven Hour”


“Strangely, This Metamodernist Yellow”

T: The New York Times Style

Magazine Singapore

“Three Poems”

Blackbox Manifold

“designer drinks at sub zero”

Food Republic: A Singapore Literary Banquet

“When Dada Ordered Chinese”

Seneca Review

“x is for xyst”

Thirty Days: Best of Tupelo 30/30 Project

“dang tou bang he: this is a timely warning”

The Massachusetts Review

“Two Poems”

Gulf Coast


Hayden’s Ferry Review

“The Return of Dada”


“spurious and sacrificial”

Harvard Review

“Three Extracts”

Singapore Literature Prize: 

Celebrating Our Writers 1992–2018

“Small Acts of Translation I”


“first falling, to get here, ferric by foot”

Lantern Review

“res signata restituere retributio”

New Orleans Review

“Blind Country of the Dying”

To Let The Light In: An Anthology of Life and Death 

“Poe’s Catalina in Another Life: A Noh Poem”

Underneath: The University of Canberra

Vice-Chancellor’s International Poetry Prize Anthology

“Earth Shapes”

Regarding Singapore

“Dear Bhikkhu: A Eulogy”


“Horseshoe: A Sestina”

Mo: Special Movember Anthology

“Three Poems”


“Two Poems”

Starry Island: New Writing From Singapore

I Like Tom Sawyer Island

Read Write [Hand]: A Nick Cave Reader

“neonate sonnet in ten-plus-four movements”


“Gertrude Stein’s Agnosia”


“A Direction of Yellow”

Contour: A Lyric Cartography of Singapore

“Because of Singularity and Convergence”

Bite My Manifesto

“Two Poems”

Hamilton Stone Review

“Dream of the Window Soul: Behold de Man”

(a collaboration with Eric Tinsay Valles)

Pirene’s Fountain Tenth Anniversary Edition 

“Two Questions Between Two Roundtable Discussions”

Everyday Genius

“Four Prose Poems”


“Two Questions Between the Concretists

and Color Field Painting” 


“Two Sonnets and Starlings in a Cluster”

Sunrise From Blue Thunder: Japan’s Earthquake-Tsunami Relief

“Four Poems”

Spork Press

“as with atomism a pearlescent senryu”

Prime Number Magazine

“thank god its disco friday”


“finding the actual lengths and widths”

Sonora Review

“Voices in the Round”

SG Poems 2015-2016

“Two Vignettes”

Grey Sparrow Journal

i is for idealismus”

Of Zoos: Varieties of the English

“Eunoia Eye to Eye: A Sestina”

Strokestown International Poetry Festival

“Four Poems”

Escape Into Life


Coast: A Mono-Titular Anthology

of Singapore Writing

“terminus :: limit and boundary”

Mandala Journal

“Grenouille Bleue”

Malala: Poems for Malala Yousafzai

“Four Poems”

Wag’s Revue

“If Jeffrey Smart Painted James Joyce”

Little Red Tree Poetry Prize Anthology

“Two Poems”

The Citron Review

“a genre from without”


“pitcairn hierarchy”


“y is for yevtushenko”

Eunoia Review


[C.] An MLP Stamp Stories Anthology

“Beyond the Loge”

SingaPoetry: An Anthology of Singapore Poems 

“a haiku is a factor of unwanted sound”

Marco Polo

“a kuhi and looking for li rong”

Voices Israel Anthology

“Bon Homie :: Good Nature”

Front Porch: American Athenaeum

“Excerpts from Antediluvian Birdsong” 

Cricket Online Review


“homeostasis, then hypergraphia”


“a haiku is a wheel and axle”

The Smoking Poet

“illusionism is a waveform of haiku”

Sugar Mule

“Eunoia Eye to Eye: A MoMa Sestina”


“October Evensong”

In Transit: An Anthology


Ekphrastia Gone Wild

“Stone Soup: A Villanelle”

Cabinet des Fées 

“The Anti-Art Puzzle Box Starring

Diogenes of Sinope”

This is How You Walk on the Moon:

An Anthology of Anti-Realist Fiction

“The Cubists Mirage”

The Monarch Review

“Silence Reified”

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal



“a place map and the tanka of time”

Switched-on Gutenberg 

“vorticism is a choka in its modular home”

The Ofi Press Magazine 

“Field Notes on the Flaming Heart”

Call and Response: A Migrant/Local

Poetry Anthology 

“Fathers Are Impossible, You Say”

Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine

“Loss, Desire and Missed Things”

A/PART: An Anthology [Forthcoming]


In the Garden of the Crow: An Anthology

“Eleven Ways of Looking at a Square”

UNION: 15 Years of Drunken Boat,

50 Years of Writing From Singapore

“Starry Starry Night”

Lines Spark Code

“Blood Promise”

Anomalous Press

“When Dada Wrote Koans”

Café Irreal

“Eight Prose Poems”

The Writing Disorder

“curiosa :: oddities”

LONTAR 4: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction

“quaere :: seek and ask”

LONTAR 6: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction

“The Anti-Art Anti-Evolution of

Manic Piggy Dream Gurrl”

LONTAR 7: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction

“Two Stories About Bloomsday

LONTAR 8: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction

“edward hopper is a haiku in its corner”


“the arietta at the end of this kuhi”


“tychism is a senryu at dusk”



(a collaboration with Hsiao-Shih Raechel Lee)


“Five Vignettes”

Gone Lawn

“for the constants of hokku”

Scholars & Rogues Literary Journal 

“Three Poems”


“art brut is a gogyohka in charcoal”

Numinous: Spiritual Poetry

“Patmos Blues Along Highway 131”

Unfree Verse

“pitcairn canticle (of canticles)”

The Pinch Journal

“cacoethes scribendi”

Stonecoast Review

“A Haiku and the Orchestral”

SLAB Literary Magazine

“a haiku is diego velazquez at home”

Umbrella Factory Magazine



“A Cavernous Joy”

Nano Fiction

“Fourteen Hours Before Exile”

Twenty-Four Flavours: Century Egg

“Requiem Aeternam”

Twenty-Four Flavours: Chicken Rice

“Ibsen’s Wild Duck on Apron Stage”

Twenty-Four Flavours: Salted Vegetables

and Duck Soup

“What We Saw Beyond Banda Sea”

(freely distributed to heighten awareness

about dolphin rescue)

Twenty-Four Flavours: Dolphin Meat

“a memorial, living area”

Kartika Review

“{hidden stairwell and subway}”

The Bend


Get Lucky: An Anthology of Philippine

and Singapore Writings

“reading gunnar björling [i] & [ii]”

Caper Literary Journal


“Ars Poetica: Pubescense”

Portland Review


Turning Wheel

“ronald johnson is digging a grave

outside of mongolia”

SingPoWriMo 2014: The Anthology

“the reluctant pangram”

SingPoWriMo 2015: The Anthology

“Not Forgetting Brigadoon”

SingPoWriMo 2016: The Anthology

“bus 138 to nowhere and back”

SingPoWriMo 2017: The Anthology

“Triśatikā Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra”

SingPoWriMo 2018: The Anthology

“Popcorn Neuroses: Ghost”

Old Red Kimono

“a faded postcard is a tanka daydream”

Platte Valley Review

“About a Coin, Contemplation and New Koans”

From Walden to Woodlands: 

An Anthology of Nature Poems

“Echo’s Epithalamium”

Twin Cities: An Anthology of Twin Cinema From Singapore and Hong Kong

“Two Postcard Fictions”

Fwriction : Review

“Two Nanofictions”


“a haiku is a building’s inner light”

Dark Sky Magazine

“a haiku is a greater coherence”

Eighty Percent

“Antediluvian Kural on Twitter”

The Nervous Breakdown

“holy noise, etchings across this year’s

chinese garden”

The Flea

“At First Sight (A Cardinal Number)”

Harpur Palate

“Vista // Vision // Visitation”

Of Zoos

“A Newspaper Report in Four Acts”

Xavier Review

“Two Questions Between Noir Fiction

and Today’s Clutter”


“Flying in the Face of Denouement”

Balik Kampung 2B: Contemplations

“I have fond memories of Toa Payoh...”

50 Metres: Our Swimming Pools

“Watching Liu Ye II”

Uncanny Yishun

“Middle Kingdom”

Poetry at Sangam

“as with a senryu’s hardening ridge”

The Corner Club Press

“enjoy the airfield”


“a tanka is an express movement”
Saltwater Quarterly



“phenomenalism is a kuhi in amargein green”

Floorboard Review

“humanism is a manicured haiku”

Mad Swirl

“Intimation, Nausea, Oblong”


“A Nocturnal Variation”
Straylight Literary Arts Magazine



“Vignette 009”
Grey Sparrow


“The Million-Line Poem”

(a collaborative couplet sequence)

Tupelo Press

“as with prosopopoeia an old haiku”

Psychic Meatloaf

“k is for khora”

Glint Literary Journal

“Grenouille Bleue”


EDGZ: Conversations at the Borderland

“ab ovo :: from the beginning”

Noah Magazine

“de gustibus non est disputandum”

Niche Literary Magazine

“Picasso the Poet”
Xconnect: Writers of the Information Age


“sensationalism is a flapjack haiku”
Barge Journal

“tutiorism is a glass-eyed senryu”

The Meadowland Review

“classicism is a haiku behind a doric column”

Marco Polo Quarterly


Poems for a Liminal Age

“as with a haiku’s point reflection”
The Legendary

oeil de perdrix :: eye of the partridge

The Black Herald 

“seeing paul klee in green on green, 1938”

Halfway Down The Stairs 


The Beach, and the Important Failure of Utopia Creation”

Lantern Review

“murmur, the making of it”
(ekphrastic epigraph in a fashion feature)

“Five Prose Poems”

Ginosko Literary Journal

“Intervention Art No. 210305”

La Sauvagerie

“In Bed With _____”

Poetry on the Move [Well-Known Corners] 

“The Dispassion of Hasegawa Tōhaku”

The Nature of Poetry

“two eggs a day and zero depth of feeling”

CAP 30 Years Commemorative Publication

“as with a senryu’s lost innocence”

St Sebastian Review

“The Old Schoolyard”

Bridgewatcher & Other Poems

“l is for lewis in the cathedral”

Silk & Spice


Writings From The Heart

“The Psalmist and The Gray Wolf”

Tiger Moth Review

Twenty-Eight Tracks This Evening

As A Happy Shut-In: A Quasi-Ballade”

Of Zoos: Together Apart


The Penwood Review



“Changeling in the Boustrophedon’s Outfield”

White Knuckle Press

“The Bio as Prose Poem: B to Z”

In Posse Review 

“The Contingency of Saying”

Borderless Journal

“m is for multiplicity”

Soundings Review

“a kuhi within qian chu’s last poem”

Radioactive Moat

“a last song is an area-mapped haiku”

REM Magazine



“A poem begins as a lump in the throat,

a sense of wrong,

a homesickness, a lovesickness.


~ Robert Frost ~

Widely anthologised, Desmond’s writing has appeared in over 200 literary venues, including such prominent publications as: AGNI, Ambit, Asymptote, Blackbird, Confrontation, Copper Nickel, Cutbank, DIAGRAM, Drunken Boat, Esquire SingaporeFaultline, Fence, Gulf Coast, Harvard Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Jacket2, New Orleans Review, Notre Dame ReviewPANK, Pinch, QLRS, Seneca Review, Smartish Pace, Sonora Review, T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore​The Massachusetts Review, The New Guard, University of Canberra VC International Poetry Prize Anthology,  and Versal.

At, on which he acts as poetry editor, Desmond created the Lounge Chair Interview Series as another space to promote writers and/or writing with an Asian focus.

Below is a list of assorted poetry and prose pieces, and the fine publications they found a home in:

“Triptych: Iteration of Only Importance”

A Given Grace: An Anthology of Christian Poems 

“How Did Fish Become This Hour, This Narrative Memory?”

Quarterly Literary Review Singapore

“Empty Tomb, Xiangbi Mountain”

People of Asia Journeying with Jesus: Snapshots & Reflections on the Synod on Synodality

“Catachresis, Then Catechesis

Notre Dame Review Web Issue  

“Jerusalem Donkey Waiting for the Shadow

of the Cross”

Voice & Verse “Crossings” Special Feature  

“Coastal Town of Hemiplegia”


“The Only Christmas Movie Worth Its Holiday Reruns”

Atelier of Healing

“Tenebrism Again, In Relief”

Poems for Ephesians

“Lazarus the Friend of Christ: Larnaca

Tomb Inscription”

Quarterly Literary Review Singapore

“Of Memory and Meaning”

Adamah Media

“Translation Memory, and Your Principle of Reduction?”

Valiant Scribe

“Ordinary Time”


“Vista // Vision // Visitation”


“Anchorite Cell I”
All Shall Be Well: An Anthology of New Poems for Julian of Norwich

“Overheard at Walled Churchyard”


“Conversation on Mount Olivet

Quarterly Literary Review Singapore

“The Difference of Sounds”

As Surely As The Sun

“Dear Paschal Candle: Fourth Setting”


“Tintinnabulation II

Voice & Verse “Intervention” Special Feature  

“What Creeley Said, As Penitent”

Get Luckier

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