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Magnum Opus Centrefold Cropped.jpg
Telecom Cropped.jpg
Angel Casting Way Poem Desmond Kon WIX.j


Desmond occasionally returns to the drawing he cared deeply about in his teens. In the early 1990s, he began illustrating for special projects and supplements at Singapore Press Holdings. Some of the original artwork is being reworked into linearte poems. The Linearte Poem Project involves building in poems to scaffold the early line art pieces as an act of restoration, furthering dimension through ideographic stippling and hatching. 

Graphic Poetry Spatialism Kon FINAL LowR
Graphic Poetry Superhero Kon FINAL LowRe
Graphic Poetry Irises Kon FINAL LowRes.j
Graphic Poetry Bed Piece Kon FINAL LowRe
DKonEcosystem Cropped LowRes.jpg
DKonMedieval Cropped LowRes.jpg
MovingHouse2 Cropped LowRes.jpg
Where The Storm Black Went Poem Desmond
Gift Economy Poem Desmond Kon WIX.jpg
Wild Goose Chase Poster 1991 Desmond Kon
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