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  • * This title may be purchased from the publisher Math Paper Press, and various bookstores in Singapore.


    Every April, the air is abuzz with poetry. Singapore Poetry Writing Month, fondly known as SingPoWriMo, has become a veritable literary movement, rallying writers to pen a poem each day over one month. What emerges are thousands of poems, all attestations to how poetry is not just alive and well here — it is thriving and robust.


    This 2018 SingPoWriMo anthology gathers the best poems written by the some 6,000 members on Facebook. Featuring emerging poets and prominent names, the anthology celebrates a diverse spectrum of voices responding to daily prompts about Bechdel heroines, self-portraits, reauthorship, mirrors, hometowns, things that make us go oowoo, among other topics. For the first time ever, the four editors — Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, Ng Yi-Sheng, Stephanie Dogfoot and Rodrigo Dela Peña, Jr. — also present you SEAPoWriMo, serving up works from other Southeast Asian countries.


    SingPoWriMo is now recognised as one of Singapore’s most inclusive platforms for the sharing and development of written poetry. In that spirit, this year’s anthology is proud to be the most democratic edition in SingPoWriMo’s history, with a whopping 95 writers represented. Now that’s certainly something to oowoo to!


    Published by Math Paper Press

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